TaskControl its a powerfull Project Management Information Software tool based on the best practices compiled by thousand of project managers practitioners all around the globe.

It allows the creation, plannning, execution and control of any type of projects, wether simple or very complex projects with local or international human resources assigned in "teams" including the easy generation and edition of documentation, within each area of knowledge and groups of processes as well as creation, editing and control of Tasks (Gantt), Team Capacity, Cost management as well all essential KPI's management inherent to each project category metrics.

It also allows to easily generate billing for customers, and it is a very simple but effective tool for cost management of materials, services and human resources.

In short, the software you need to manage from simple to complex projects encouraging the application of Agiles Methodologies.

2- What are the main features of TASKCONTROL?

- Agile Oriented Software
- Easy All-Project-Steps Document Generation!
- Automatic Emails Template Generation!
- Progress Management
- Gantt Charts
- Cost Control
- Scope Control
- Capacity Report
- Metrics Report (KPIs)
- Risks Report
- Easy Billing to Customers
- International Holidays Management
- Team Replacement Management
- Too many to mention all of them here..

Should you want implemented any other general features please contact us at: [email protected]. We will be glad to meet your needs!.

3- Why should I use TaskControl and how it can help me in my company?

We all know how chaotic it is to manage several projects organized in compliance with the internal and external policies of our company.
TaskControl, comes in hand to help a lot in this matter, allowing  to effectively and easily control the generation and management of information for internal and external use, all organized under the best practictes framework, which will result in a drastic and increasing improvement of service quality towards your customers and give you peace of mind in the management and controlling of your projects.

4- What is the basic architecture of TASKCONTROL?

TaskControl allows you to create a company-id for your company and you can later create several "customers" having each one of them an unlimited number of projects and users(members)  (depending on the plan you choose).
For example, you could have your company called "MyCompany" and within it, you could register and manage your "customers" companies (eg client1 with projectA and projectB and client2 with projectsA, projectB and projectC respectively). You can also upload and assign a team of professionals to these customers & projects based on the needs of your planning and from any country all around the globe. In addition, you will be always communicated thru VideoChat with all of them for all your required meeting every day.
Also you will have access to the essential reports of Cost, Time and Scope, Quality and Risk allowing you to know the precise situation of each of these variables at each stage of the project by providing corrective actions if necessary.

5- Ok, so what Subscription plan should I choose?

If you are a freelancer or handle small projects, you could always opt for the "Starter Plan " and depending on your growth you may need to upgrade to the "Professional Plan" (the next available plan). If, on the other hand, you have a large company with many customers and projects, what you need is the "Enterprise-One Plan" that provides you with even more number of projects and users availables.

In any case you can contact us ([email protected]
) previously. We will gladly advise you for the most convenient service plan for your company or specific case/project.

6- Can I have several customers under one company-id?

Yes. TaskControl is a multi-customer, multi-project application within your company (called company-id in our context).

Only in case you are the owner of more than one company or whose extension and complexity requires it, you should register them separately under another company-id and hire the appropriate Subscription plan for each of them.
Contact us at [email protected]
for possible discounts in the latter case.

7- What about Security?

All of our applications are based on international data security best practices  (the same one used for banks and financial institutions all around the world). All communications are encrypted and you (as the owner) are the only one that can access your private data.

8- Will I pay "extra" for applications updates?

No. In TaskControl, we believe that the updates of the application, should be paid only with the user's monthly Subscription fee, thus providing applications updates without additional extra cost. Only in exceptional cases (such as new versions of the application with major improvements) will we be able to modify the prices of our plans according to the new functionalities implemented.

9- Do you have a 24x7 product support?

Yes. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, we'll provide 24x7 support thru chat, mail and support tickets for the "Enterprise-One Plan".
Our priority are our customers, so you can be sure that we will do our best to answer your questions fast and give quick solutions to solve your issues.
You can contact us at any time through the chat, ticket system or by mail to [email protected]

10- What about Privacy for my Projects Data?

All your data is private and will remain that way forever. Our team is exclusively focused on server administration, maintenance of the software and the required infrastructure tasks to continue offering high quality services for our customers in the cloud. If you need more information, please read our Privacy Policy or contact us at [email protected].
We will be pleased to listen from you. 

11- What about Security for my Company Data?

Customer security is our priority. We work to comply with the best international security practices. For all application communication, we use SSL certificates (the same ones used by financial entities worldwide) and keeping monitoring services in the cloud as well as specialized firewalls and access control software that allow us to control and repel any unauthorized attempts of entrance to our customer instances. For more technical details, you can contact us at [email protected].

12- Why there is no "FREE" Subscription plan ?

The "free" ends up going out expensive. In TaskControl we know it and that is why we do not believe that a professional service can be offered for "free". Behind each of our plans, there is a technical and human infrastructure impossible to maintain at no cost. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain a basic service (Starter) with a minimum monthly cost that could be well paid with the tools we bring to manage any kind of complexity projects. 

Just as a remembering, we offer our customers, email addresses for your company, videochat and any service you might need for your project, that implies you DON'T HAVE TO PAY A CENTS TO ANY OTHER COMPANY in the internet!.

Update Jul-20!: You can also participate in our "beta tester customer plan" for free!. For more info, please [email protected] .

13- What about Backups for my Data?

Our general policy of backup is defined daily with a weekly retention for all the instances of our customers. Also, if required by customers, you can request a specific backup scheme for your company for a small additional monthly cost.
For more information, please can contact us at: [email protected]

14- What Payments Options do you offer?

Actually, you can easily load and recharge your wallet through Visa Credit Card or Direct Bank Account Transfer. In any case, please contact us to reload your wallet for these or other payment processors for your region at: [email protected]

15- How do I Buy / Renew my Subscription?

Pretty easy. When registering with TaskControl (for free), you will access to your customer panel. Thru this, you can reload your wallet, choose and buy a plan and see your transactions history.
In addition you can modify your data, change your password, invite your colleagues to join TaskControl etc.
Renewals are automatic every 30 days and you only need to worry about having enough funds in your wallet to renew your plan. In case there are not enough funds for renewal, we will give you reasonable advance notice to allow your reload and avoid a potential interruption of service.

16- Can I cancel my Subscription ?

Yes. In case you wish to cancel your Subscription, you can send us an email with the subject "Please Cancel My Subscription" to [email protected] with 30 days in advance of the requested unsuscription. In this case, please note that we will not provide refunds of the periods previously paid by the user and that any outstanding debt on the part of the same, must be paid in full before proceeding to the request unsuscription.

In TaskControl our goal is to provide the best service to our users and that is why before proceeding to the unsuscription we can request a short survey to know the reason for it and so we can constantly improve our services. If you need more information, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

17- What will happen with all my data should I decide to cancel my Subscription?

No rush. In that case, you may request, by pre-validated mail, the export of your data from our servers, within a reasonable period of time (no more than 30 days), which we may send in a compressed format and with a unique personal key to the address indicated or to the one you have registered as a TaskControl customer. If you need more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

18- Our company already has the design of the project documents. Can you customize them for automatic use in TaskControl?

Yes!. In TaskControl you have 2 ways of creating and editing documents. First, you load them from our templates catalog and then edit it with any available tool as LibreOffice(R), MS-Office(R) etc. Second method is to load them and filling the data easily using our Templates Edition Module (TEM) thru a simple form.

For the latest, you can use our legal documents catalog or we can customize yours so they can be easily created (filling them) in just a few minutes.
Creates new documents for any industry never has been so easy!!
Should you need general support, application or document customization, please contact us at [email protected]t.

19- What languages are actually available for the templates catalog?

At the moment, our templates catalog of documents, are in English and Spanish language respectively. Anyway, we are already working to translate the set of documents into several languages.
If you need the template module translated in a specific language, please contact us at [email protected]t. We will do our best to prioritize your request.

20- In Short:

For Technical specific Inquiries, contact us at: [email protected].
For Privacy specific Inquiries, contact us at: [email protected].
For Billing specific Inquiries,  contact us at: [email protected].
For Other General Inquiries,  contact us at: [email protected].

Let's work together to make this community better and bigger !